The Transportation for Illinois Coalition (TFIC) has determined that at a minimum $1.8 billion dollars is needed to meet the State of Illinois’ minimum maintenance needs. This does not include funding needed for new starts and system expansion.
TFIC is looking at the following split:
    • 80% to road/20% to transit
    • For road funding, 60% to the state system and 40% to the local system
    • The transit funding split would be 90% to the RTA system and 10% to downstate transit
    • $3 billion dollar pool of bond funding for additional programs.
TFIC has identified the following funding scenarios which would raise the $1.8 billion dollars identified to maintain our current transportation system.  These include:
    • Increasing the Motor Fuel Tax to 90% of the cost of the five year average of the state sales tax (13 cents) and index annually by the increase of the consumer price index.  The state sales tax on motor fuel would be eliminated, and this program would sunset when the State developed an alternative revenue stream.   
    • Other funding scenarios include a mix of sales tax increases, slightly increasing the price of various vehicle related costs such as driver’s license fees, and eliminating various funding diversions.
More information about this program can be found at TFIC’s website,

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